Why Eye Design loves Powder Effect (Microshading)

Our studio is known for sending clients out the door with flawless, freshly microbladed brows. But did you know that Eye Design offers another semi-permanent called Powder Effect (Microshading) that lasts just as long?

Also referred to as micro-shading, as well as ombré, shaded or powdered brows, Powder Effect (Microshading) is different from microblading. Instead of impossibly realistic hair-like strokes, this innovative technique deposits pin-dots of pigment to create a gradient look--much like the one many women create themselves with eyebrow pencils, pomades and gels.

Everyone on the Eye Design team is a huge fan of this treatment! Not only do we love the fashionable look of it, we are obsessed with its versatility, as well as its ability to boost the brows of so many. Microblading is the ideal solution for naturally sparse, over-plucked or over-waxed brows; Powder Effect (Microshading) defines the arch and enhances the overall shape of those with medium to full natural brows.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Powder Effect (Microshading) for yourself--let us tell you why!

Healing time is minimal.

During microblading, our technicians restore the eyebrows by forming pigment deposits that mimic the look of real hair strokes--some of which are relatively long! Because of this, the treated area takes approximately 7 to 10 days to naturally form and discard scabs. And that means there is no wetting your brows for the first week after treatment!

Powder Effect’s tiny pin-dots, on the other hand, require only three days of dry healing. After that you are free to get back into your normal routine.

There is no need for makeup--ever!

With microblading’s hair-like strokes, you may find that some days (or nights!) you want to fill in your eyebrows to match the occasional full-coverage makeup look. But with Powder Effect (Microshading), you hop out of bed every morning with brows already filled in!

Of course after they heal, you are able to make them more bold with makeup. But if you are doing this regularly, we recommend you come in for a touch-up so we can darken them for you. Our work is supposed to make your life easier after all. And with semi-permanent makeup, it is usually safer to choose the lighter option first, than to risk making your brows too dark for your liking.

(*Note: Eye Design offers laser tattoo removal services for clients who feel their new look is too bold.)

It is more suitable for a larger range of clients.

On clients with oily skin or large pores, microblading work--no matter how skilled the technician--runs the risk of looking blurry. Thankfully, Powder Effect (Microshading) looks amazing on nearly every skin type, even oily skin or skin with large pores!

Because oily skin does not hold pigment as well as normal or dry skin, microblading results can fade really quickly, leaving your brows with a washed-out look. Powder Effect (Microshading) lasts much longer, and without any annoying blur.

This technique also works extremely well on clients with deep skin tones, leaving our clients with rich, natural-looking brows every time.

We customize every look.

Much like microblading, each set of Powder Effect (Microshading) brows is tailored to the client’s one-of-a-kind face and unique personal desires.

If you are a heavy makeup-wearer, our technicians can design a brow to match; if you prefer the “no makeup” makeup look, we are happy to give you a soft and subtle brow with a naturally defined arch. And if you prefer something somewhere in between, let your tech know, and she will do her best to give you dreamy brows that work in perfect harmony with the rest of your features.

Eye Design also has the Hybrid option, which combines microblading and Powder Effect (Microshading) for those that want the look of hair strokes *and* filled-in brows.

To schedule your Powder Effect (Microshading) treatment, click here, or call (917) 300-0317. We can’t wait to give you gorgeous brows.

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