Which consultation is right for you?

Our first priority here at Eye Design New York is your happiness and comfort. We understand that microblading and permanent makeup procedures may seem a little intimidating; after all, it is going to affect the face that you show the world every day.

To put you at ease, our studio offers three types of consultations: a phone consultation, an in-person consultation with founder and Master Technician Nadia, as well as the pre-procedure consultation during your appointment.

Phone consultations are free-of-charge. Simply call in and we will connect your with one of our highly informed and experienced staff members who can answer all your questions--anything from pricing to procedure.

For an in-person consultation, you will need to make an appointment. The cost of these 15-minute appointments will be put towards your procedure as soon as you schedule it. In-person consultations are available for anyone who would like Nadia’s point-of-view regardless of which technician will be doing your treatment. Some clients find that meeting with Nadia face-to-face is extremely important before they make any commitments, and that is why we offer this option.

The reception area of our Fifth Avenue studio is never empty; Eye Design is one of the most in-demand microblading and semi-permanent makeup locations in Manhattan! While you’re waiting, feel free to chat with those sitting alongside you. You’ll find that all of our clients are friendly, and someone may even have a firsthand story of what it’s like to undergo one of our procedures.

Pre-procedure consultations take place during your appointment. For the first 30 to 45 minutes, you will chat with your technician about your desired outcome, and she will draw a detailed outline of what your new brows will look like. She will create a custom shape for your unique face in pencil so you get a better idea of how you will look afterwards. You will also have the opportunity to give her your input and request adjustments. Additionally, your technician will tell you which shade of our mineral-based pigments is right for you if you are unsure. She will not start the procedure itself until the two of you come to an agreement and are both completely happy.

If you are new to the world of microblading and permanent makeup (or just new to our studio), our highly skilled, expert techs will teach you everything you need to know about your procedure, which will help you make decisions about the details.

Regardless of which consultation you choose, our team will definitely have a better idea of what you want out of your procedure. More hair strokes? A darker color? A more defined shape? Eye Design can do all that and more! Tell us what you are hoping to get out of your procedure--feel free to bring photo examples!--during the consultation, and we will steer you in the right direction. It is our job to make you feel happy and more confident!

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