Use Eye Design Brow Elixir for healthy skin & beautiful results

Clients just like you come to Eye Design for beautiful brows! After microblading or Powder Effect, we know you will be thrilled with your results. But in order to maintain these amazing results (and ensure they last as long as possible), you will need to follow our aftercare instructions. Proper care is essential for flawless eyebrows.

Just like the hair on your head, eyebrow hairs need special care. If you want the hair to be strong, thick and silky, Eye Design recommends using natural oils, such as those found in our Elixir. It contains castor oil, an ingredient known to improve blood flow, strengthening the hair.

Another key ingredient is almond oil! In addition to giving Eyebrow Elixir its sweet scent, almond oil relieves skin rashes and reduces the signs of aging. Similarly, added grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants to alleviate inflammation.

Additionally, Vitamins A and E deeply nourish the skin and hair to promote optimal results. Clients who tint their natural hairs, such as blondes or those with gray hair, should do so every three to four weeks. Tinting too often may irritate the skin! Semi-permanent treatments like microblading and Powder Effect can greatly decrease the number of times you come in for tinting.

Taking care of your natural eyebrow hairs that you do have is so important! Hormone changes in the body as you age can cause hair to stop growing, which usually affects the eyebrows. Similarly, those with naturally thin or weak hair can use Eyebrow Elixir to help promote strength and growth.

Eyebrow Elixir’s easy-to-use dropper bottle is mess-free and sanitary. Although our formula was developed to enhance your eyebrows, we think our packaging will beautify your vanity counter, as well.

Do not forget to tidy up the hairs around around your microbladed or powdered brows. This is easy to do at home with tweezers. Eye Design does not recommend waxing or threading; these techniques are harsh and can really harm the skin. Tweezing is the safest method to remove brow hairs. The best time to tweeze is after a warm shower when your pores have opened and hairs can be pulled out without damaging the skin.

If you have trouble creating the perfect shape by tweezing on your own, contact the specialists at Eye Design’s studio. We are experts who can create the best shape for every client’s one-of-a-kind face. Using our signature 5-point drawing method, our technicians find a shape that works in perfect harmony with the rest of your facial features. Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, our 5-point drawing method works on all clients.

Reach us 7 days a week via call or text at (917) 300-0317. Order Eyebrow Elixir online at or pick a bottle up at your next appointment with us! (We promise it will look beautiful on your top shelf.)

Salon owners can enjoy our wholesale pricing when they in bulk order from our online shop. Earn revenue and increase your income when you offer Eyebrow Elixir to all of your brow clients!

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