This week at Eye Design: Powder Strokes + silky smooth Brow Pencils

As a growing business, Eye Design is always working on new techniques, classes and products. In the past month alone, our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva introduced her latest semi-permanent brow solution, known as Powder Strokes, as well as her first-ever makeup product, her luxe Eyebrow Pencil!

Have you seen Eye Design’s Powder Strokes or Brow Pencil in action? We introduced both via Instagram recently! (Follow us @nadia_afanaseva, if you don’t already!) Our community has provided us with so much positive feedback on both Powder Strokes and Brow Pencil, and we are so thankful! Interested in learning more? Continue reading… 

Powder Strokes

The magic of microblading meets the versatility of Powder Effect with Nadia’s new Powder Strokes technique!

This new semi-permanent brow solution creates instant volume with a fluffy, feathery and overall natural look. Clients love the hyper-realistic results, and I love that it heals beautifully on all skin types with less downtime than microblading. 

Unlike microblading, which involves manual pigment application, Powder Strokes requires a small machine tool (the same one we using during our Powder Effect technique) to create the look of soft hair strokes. This results in feather-smooth strokes that look incredibly true-to-life! 

It is great for clients who have over-plucked, over-waxed or naturally sparse brows. Additionally, Powder Strokes works wonderfully over old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has faded! Powder Strokes is a softer, more subtle alternative to microblading that requires less downtime—only 3 to 5 days of healing!

To schedule your appointment with Nadia for Powder Strokes, call the Eye Design studio at (917) 300-0317.

Eyebrow Pencil

We are so excited to launch Eye Design’s debut makeup product, a luxury Brow Pencil! It has a beautiful, glide-on waxy texture and is available in three natural-looking and adaptable shades--making it suitable for all skin tones and skin types! (Nadia spent months developing and testing her Eyebrow Pencil alongside leading industry developers in order to find the best formula and range of colors.)

The formula itself is really smooth and extremely easy to work with. We recommend it for any skin type! Its silky consistency is great for dry skin, but our Brow Pencil is also waxy and water-resistant, so it works well for oily skin, too.

Eyebrow Pencil’s unique wax-based formula holds the natural hairs in place. Tip: Apply Eyebrow Pencil to the natural hairs without touching the skin for the softest results or layer it on the skin for bold brows. With three beautiful, true-to-life shades, brows will never look too harsh, even after several layers.

To apply the product, Nadia recommends:

  1. Start from the center of the brow and work outwards
  2. Create very small strokes using light pressure 
  3. Little by little, work towards the tail
  4. Go back to the beginning to keep the brows looking as natural as possible
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to achieve a more intense look

Which shade is right for you?

Light Brown

Light Brown has cool (ashy) undertones and is for blondes, brunettes and redheads with light skin.

Medium Brown

Medium Brown has warm undertones and is for blondes and brunettes with medium to dark skin.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown has neutral undertones and is for brunettes with dark to deep skin.

Ready to shop Eye Design’s new Brow pencil? Visit or click here! Want to try semi-permanent brows instead? Call the Eye Design studio at (917) 300-0317!

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