Talking lash extensions with Senior Tech Anastasia

Eye Design is proud to offer such a large variety of eyelash extensions (including Kim’s Effect, an original design by me, Founder and Master Technician Nadia). With such a customizable selection, it is difficult to decide which is right for your one-of-a-kind face.

All of our technicians are trained by me to assess your features in order to determine the best possible lashes for you. No two sets are exactly the same--except for your own two!

I sat down with Senior Technician Anastasia to discuss our studio’s lashes in-depth and to ask her the most important questions for choosing the right lash style.

Am I allowed to wear makeup?

You should never put makeup, such as mascara, directly on your lash extensions. But you are free to wear other kinds of makeup, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation and concealer.

Pro tip: Eliminate the need for mascara completely with our Lower Lash Extensions. Not only do they look gorgeous, they ensure smudge-free days ahead! Which brings me to the next question...

Can I still use my normal makeup remover?

You won’t need to wear mascara with lash extensions (at least not on your top lashes)--in fact, we strongly recommend against it.

After the six-week mark when your extensions are sparse, you are permitted to wear mascara only on the tips of your lashes. This is because there is no adhesive on the tips. For best results, make sure the mascara you use is oil-free.

To remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and lower lash mascara, you will need to follow a few simple rules to ensure your lashes last as long as possible. You must always use an oil-free cleanser with lash extensions; oil destroys the adhesive!

Cotton pads are also a huge no-no. The lint can get stuck to your lashes, and attempting to pull it out can rip your extensions, as well as your natural hairs. Even if you do not pull on it, the white color is extremely visible against both black and colored lashes.

We recommend using a facial wipe (or micellar water on a cloth) so you can carefully go around your extensions when removing makeup; this is especially critical in the first 24 hours after your appointment.

I’m active. Can I wear lash extensions?

Yes! Different levels of thickness make lashes right for any lifestyle. Plus, our glue is very strong--just be sure to skip physical activity in the first 24 hours after your procedure; you don’t want to sweat while the glue is still setting.

Being active is actually a good reason to wear lash extensions because you never have to worry about mascara running down your face due to sweat! The winner of the NYC Marathon wore them proud and made all of us so proud.

What lash shapes does Eye Design offer?

We offer 10 shapes and four different volumes, for a total of 40 different lash styles. Choose from shapes such as Fox, Squirrel, Cateye Round or Babydoll, Doe and Honeybee. Then, play around with the volume of each with Natural, Glamour, Dramatic or Kim’s Effect.

Which shape is right for me?

“When I first started training,” Anastasia mentions, “I struggled with creating the right look for every face shape.”

For example, “I did the Cateye shape on a client with drooping eyelids, and it ended up covering most of her eye. Only certain effects will work on certain eye shapes.”

She continues, “As my work developed, I started to see the difference in everyone’s face. It took a ton of practice!”

For this reason it is so important to chat with your technician about your desires. I hand-picked and trained her to be an expert at what she does, so you can work together to create a lash shape that is perfect for you! Click here to book an appointment.

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