Sun exposure & microblading: Everything you need to know

Microblading is a must-have procedure, especially during the summertime. Flawless brows are yours no matter how many dips in the ocean you take or how sweaty your skin gets!

Ever wondered how celebs and models emerge from the pool or leave the gym with a photo-ready face? We are willing to bet a number of them have undergone brow treatments like ours.

The entire Eye Design team highly encourages everyone to visit our Fifth Avenue studio this summer for customized brows you will wake-up with every morning. But, there are a few precautions you should definitely note; aftercare should always be taken seriously, and it is an extra-important part of the healing process during the summertime.

If you are not already wearing sunscreen every day, you should definitely start. And if you already wear an SPF every day, good for you! However, you will want to avoid applying it directly to your brows the first week seven days following your microblading/Powder Effect (Microshading) procedure.

After one week, you can (and should!) begin putting sunscreen directly on top of your new brows to protect them from fading. We recommend SPF 35 or higher! Until you make it to the 7-day mark, however, avoid exposure to sunlight, and wear a hat when you do step outside.

Similarly, you will want to avoid excessive sweating during the first 7 days; this also includes exposure to sunlight, as well as rigorous exercise. If you typically live in active lifestyle, you may want to try a low-intensity workout, such as yoga, in the week following your brow treatment. Otherwise, you should definitely skip the gym.

While this should go without saying, but post-microblading or post-Powder Effect (Microshading), it is also crucial that you avoid tanning--this includes sun beds! After 7 days are up, you are free to enjoy sunbathing again, but our team insists you apply a strong SPF to your brows and wear a hat to cover them.

Lastly, you must abstain from swimming in the 7 days following your brow procedure: in a pool, in a spa, in the ocean, in a lake--everywhere! Not only does this lead to premature fading of the pigment, it can also be the cause of harmful infections. Infections have the potential to leave your skin permanently scarred, and a serious infection can have detrimental effects on your health.

Eye Design wants to give you the best brows possible! And while a lot of that does depend on our team, it is so important that you follow these aftercare instructions to a T. Your results rely on you, too.

Ready to cut your getting-ready routine in half for the summer? Call (917) 300-0317 or click here to schedule your appointment with us! 

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