Sensitive skin or eyes? Don't worry, our professionals are trained to handle it

If you are interested in microblading, semi-permanent makeup or lash extensions, but have sensitive skin or eyes, our team understands you may have a few concerns: Is this procedure right for me? Is it safe? Will I be uncomfortable? Will it cause redness or give me a rash? All of these are valid questions.

The products

With the best results in mind, Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia developed our Microblading Pigments. Thanks to the innovative mineral-based formula, post-healing, our pigments produce the best natural-looking color (maybe we’re a little biased), but beyond that, they are hypoallergenic and safe!

Eye Design also uses (and sells!) several of our own adhesives for lash extensions. All of them are harmless, but for those of you with extra-sensitive skin (or those of you who prefer to be a little extra-cautious), we have a our Sensitive Formula adhesive. (It lasts longer than other sensitive adhesives on the market, too!)

The techniques

During microblading, the technician creates strokes with--you guessed it--a micro-blade, then deposits pigment for a hyper-realistic, hair-like effect. With proper care, this treatment is safe for sensitive skin. But, Eye Design also offers our signature Powder Effect treatment, which is more gentle on the skin.

Instead of hair-like strokes, technicians deposit pigment into the skin with pin-dot application, giving you the appearance of freshly applied brow makeup 24/7, complete with a soft gradient look. Our clients and techs alike love this procedure, and many even go for the Hybrid, which combines microblading and Powder Effect.

The care

Proper aftercare (and prep!) is essential even for clients with the toughest skin. So it only makes sense that for sensitive clients, pre-procedure care and aftercare are taken seriously, and even kicked up a notch!

Before heading into your appointment, you will want to make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. (It definitely can’t hurt to moisturize extra in the week leading up to your treatment.) You should also avoid drinking both caffeine and alcohol 24 hours beforehand to minimize bleeding. Let your technician know that your skin and/or eyes can be sensitive and you are a little nervous, that way, she will be prepared to give you the extra care you need. (If you are getting lash extensions, be sure to ask for our Sensitive Formula adhesive!)

After your treatment your skin may look red and feel tender--this is completely normal for sensitive and non-sensitive clients alike, and can last for 24 hours.

For microblading and semi-permanent makeup, you will want to follow the aftercare directions to a T. This means no wetting your brows, no excessive sweating and no prolonged exposure to sunlight for the allotted time. You should definitely be keeping the skin around your brows clean with a pre-moistened makeup wipe or some micellar water on a cotton round (be sure to get lint-free cotton to avoid as much irritation as possible).

After seven days (microblading) or three days (semi-permanent makeup), you can begin applying a nourishing and moisturizing cream directly to your brows. We recommend our Eyebrow Elixir to keep your brows healthy and shiny!

This formula is loaded with gentle, yet effective, ingredients like castor oil and grapeseed oil. It can be used up to four times a day, and with sensitive skin, you may want to apply it all four times. After your brows heal completely, you may even want to continue using our Elixir to fortify your skin and natural eyebrow hairs.

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