Semi-permanent brows have no age limit

Iconic actress Helen Mirren proves that semi-permanent eyebrows are the best solution for hair loss no matter what your age. An outspoken fan of the microblading  procedure herself, Mirren loves seeing her flawless brows in the mirror every morning--and she especially loves that she doesn’t have to draw them on herself each day. Now, the 72-year-old British-born beauty always wakes-up red carpet ready!

Every woman begins to lose her natural hair with age, so for an I-woke-up-like-this glow and newfound confidence, you may want to consider Eye Design’s microblading or Powder Effect treatment for yourself. Our 5-star technicians have plenty of experience creating fierce eyebrows for clients of all ages.

In fact, we often have mature clients who have very little hair. Thanks to microblading, we can create the look of hyper-realistic hairstrokes. And with our signature Powder Effect, the Eye Design team can bolden the overall look of the brows and strengthen the brow arch.

Our talented techs also move the tail of the brow up to combat the effects of gravity in many mature client cases. Skin sags as we get older, so the tail on mature client tends to go down with it. Thankfully, Eye Design’s team is trained to fix brow dilemmas like these.

When we work on these clients, it is not necessary to make a drastic change; we like all our clients to have a natural look. We move the brow tail up on mature clients only about 1 or 2 millimeters for a your-brows-but-better effect. Our work is all about enhancing the natural features.

But for those who prefer a bold brow, and have always used makeup to fake a bolder brow look, Eye Design can replicate that with a combination of microblading and the semi-permanent makeup technique Powder Effect. We call this the Hybrid.

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