Olga is now available for semi-permanent lip makeup

Do you love what Olga does for your brows and lashes? She can now do the same for your lips! Eye Design’s semi-permanent lip makeup procedure is widely popular at our Fifth Avenue studio.

Once only performed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia, as well as our leading Senior Tech Mona, semi-permanent lip makeup is the industry’s ultimate solution for dull lips! Now, several of Eye Design’s Advanced Technicians, including Olga and Aini, can offer you this treatment. 

Because Advanced Technicians work solely in our studio, they are available at a more affordable rate, as opposed to Senior and Master Technicians, who spend a portion of their time teaching classes at Eye Design University.

Traditional lipstick smudges, fades and requires reapplication and constant babysitting throughout the day. Our innovative semi-permanent lip makeup gives you a look that lasts 12 to 15 months! Imagine your favorite lipstick without the hassle; that can become a reality in our studio in only a couple hours.

What type of lipsticks do you normally gravitate towards? Eye Design offers a range of high-performance pigments, from natural-looking nudes to classic reds and deep berries. Clients also have several options when it comes to the pigment application itself. 

Our Soft Outline option gives the client a beautiful wash of color as if they are wearing a freshly applied lip tint 24/7. On the other hand, Defined Outline is for clients who love a bold lip-liner effect. It gives the client the look of lipstick and lipliner together and is perfect for those who typically create this combination themselves with traditional makeup products. Think of all the time you will save when you opt for Eye Design’s semi-permanent treatment instead!

We also offer ombré-style semi-permanent lip makeup (as seen on our Senior Technician Daniela)! The entire Eye Design team is obsessed with the results. Our studio’s stunning semi-permanent lip makeup procedure means that you can have a fashionable, 90s-inspired look all day, every day! So toss your lipstick and lip pencil aside.

Whether you choose Soft Outline, Defined Outline or ombré, we promise you will leave our studio with a new look you will love! Which will you pick? 

All three styles take approximately the same amount of time for your technicians to create, so you don’t have to decide until you meet with your technician! Speaking of which, Eye Design’s technicians are experts who can help you choose the color, shape and style that will look best on you as an individual.

Everything that we do at our studio is 100-percent customized. All appointments start with a 20- to 40-minute consultation. Together, the client and the technicians discuss the desired outcome based on the client’s one-of-a-kind facial features and unique personal preferences! The technician will draw the shape with a special makeup pencil, and the client will have an opportunity to approve it or request changes before any pigment is applied.

To schedule your appointment with us, or for a free phone consultation with our friendly and informed staff, call the Eye Design studio at (917) 300-0317. We can’t wait to see you!

Click here for more information on semi-permanent makeup by Eye Design New York.

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