NOW at Eye Design! Brow shaping by Nadia Afanaseva & team

Meet the first-ever temporary eyebrow solution from Eye Design! I am thrilled to introduce my NEW brow shaping procedure.

Clients who have never undergone any permanent or semi-permanent cosmetic treatments are sometimes nervous to visit my studio. While my team and I do our best to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, some beauty-lovers feel my microblading and Powder Effect procedures aren’t right for them.

Whether it is because they appear on camera often, like to change their looks dramatically from day to day or are new to the semi-permanent beauty industry, those interested in bettering their brows have a variety of reasons for opting out of microblading or Powder.

I developed my new brow shaping procedure with these clients specifically in mind. If you want to ease your way into semi-permanent beauty or simply want your brows done for a special event, Eye Design’s team will soon be happy to serve you! This treatment is also great for 16- and 17-year-old clients who want fuss-free fuller brows but are not yet eligible for our semi-permanent eyebrow procedures.

So, what happens at an eyebrow shaping appointment?

First of all, Eye Design does NOT use any waxing or threading techniques! Both cause harm to the skin. Instead, we gently remove unwanted hair with tweezers. We are fully equipped with a variety of tweezers for each type of hair (and we know exactly how to use them).

Eyebrow shaping is semi-permanent. Results typically last one week on the skin and four to six week on the brow hairs. Factors such as sun exposure, the rate of your personal hair growth/skin cell regeneration and the frequency at which you watch your face can affect the longevity of your results.

This treatment can be done with coloring or without coloring, and the coloring itself can be done on both the skin and hair, or on the hair only. During your first appointment, the technician will be able to advise you on what would be best. Typically, clients with blonde, light brown or gray eyebrow hairs are best suited for our coloring treatment.

Remember, everything at Eye Design is done on an individual, case-by-case basis. Our technicians are EXPERTS who will decide how to achieve the best results for each client. We value your preferences! So, please work with your technician to come to a mutual agreement on how your final results should look.

Eyebrow coloring does not harm skin cells or hair follicles, but there may be a little redness around your brow area from tweezing (especially if you have sensitive skin). Your brows may look a little *too* dark at first, but will fade to a more natural-looking color in a couple of days. (If you are getting your brows done for a special occasion, please plan accordingly!)

For clients who prefer an extremely natural look, we can color the hairs without coloring the skin. This creates a fuller, darker brow without adding the appearance of makeup to the skin. Please advise your technician beforehand if this is something you would like to do!

Aftercare is quick and easy! You should avoid wetting the brow area for 24 hours to ensure long-lasting results. (This includes intense workouts and heavy sweating, swimming in pools, oceans, lakes, etc., as well as saunas, skincare and makeup/skincare products.) We also advise that you protect the area by wearing a hat and/or large sunglasses whenever you are in the sun.

Clients can visit us for eyebrow shaping and coloring as often as they would like but should wait at least four weeks between treatments. Ideal candidates are those with blonde, light brown or gray eyebrow hair. Some eyebrow hair is necessary for this treatment, so those with extremely sparse or no natural hairs should consider another Eye Design brow treatment. Clients with little to no hair will not benefit from eyebrow shaping or tinting.

There is no pain or discomfort involved in this treatment! It is a quick and painless procedure. Similar to hair dye, clients may have allergies specific to certain ingredients in our eyebrow color. Clients who fear they may be allergic should come in for a PATCH TEST at least 24 hours before their scheduled treatment.

We also advise that clients avoid other facial treatments, including spray tans, chemical peels and Botox, in the weeks before their eyebrow tinting appointment. When combined with eyebrow tinting, these treatments may cause irritation.

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