Nadia is working on a new brow technique at Eye Design!

Do you follow Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva on Instagram? Last week, she shared a new technique she is developing exclusively for our studio! With a little help from our community, Eye Design’s team decided on the name Soft Strokes. Soon, our Fifth Avenue studio will be home to four innovative eyebrow techniques: Microblading, Powder Effect, Hybrid and Soft Strokes!

Recently, Nadia used Soft Strokes to restore a client’s old and unsuccessful semi-permanent brows. Unlike microblading, which requires manual pigment application and crisp hair strokes to create the look of eyebrow hairs, Soft Strokes uses a machine tool to achieve fuller, fluffier brows. 

Because of the different technique and the different look, Soft Strokes can almost always be used to cover old or unsuccessful work, whereas microblading usually cannot. Eye Design’s signature Powder Effect technique can also cover old or unsuccessful semi-permanent brows, but this technique was developed to give clients a shaded makeup look. Many clients who are looking for cover-ups want the appearance of hair strokes. 

Thanks to our new technique, clients with old or unsuccessful permanent makeup can have hair strokes without the need for laser pigment removal! Results from our Soft Stroke technique look velvety smooth and more subtle than results from classic microblading. 

During our Soft Stroke technique, hair strokes are placed under the skin with a machine tool that uses pin-dot pigment application (the same way our Powder Effect procedure is done); during microblading, hair strokes are placed under the skin with a manual blade, so strokes look crisper. This is exactly what makes Soft Strokes the better option for covering old or unsuccessful work!

However, there are some similarities between Soft Strokes and microblading. Of course, they both involve the placement of hair-like strokes under the skin. Beyond that, both Soft Strokes and microblading can be combined with Powder Effect. 

Also known as shadow effect, ombré brows and micro-blading, Eye Design’s signature Powder Effect technique involves pin-dot pigment application. It was designed to achieve a semi-permanent makeup look for those who normally wear pencil, pomade or powder products. 

To achieve fuller, more defined brows, sometimes we combine Powder Effect with microblading. Pin dots are placed between the applied hair strokes, which creates a more intense look while softening the contrast between the skin and the hair strokes. 

With the launch of our new Soft Stroke technique, Eye Design’s expert technicians can add Powder Effect between these hair strokes, as well. This allows us to expand the options we offer our clients! And, as we mentioned, it greatly expands the number of ways we can correct old or unsuccessful semi-permanent brows, making it a major innovation for our studio.

The entire Eye Design team can hardly wait to introduce Eye Design’s Soft Stroke technique to our clients! It’s coming to our studio soon, so be sure to keep up with us via social media for the latest updates @nadia_afanaseva and @eye_design_ny! We will be sharing more information and exclusive photos of Soft Strokes ASAP.

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