Manhattan’s top permanent makeup expert Nadia Afanaseva speaks out on viral Detroit microblading story

Earlier this week, a viral news story caught our attention. Per sources like TeenVogue and BuzzFeed, a Detroit woman suffered a horrible infection after her recent microblading treatment. Not only was this a major health scare, the woman (who is choosing to remain anonymous) is left with unsightly botched brows.

Our entire team was shocked and disturbed by the graphic video shown alongside the story. Particularly, Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Manhattan’s top permanent makeup expert, could not believe what she was seeing!

“There is no excuse for results like this,” Nadia says. “Poor sanitation and improper aftercare are the only causes for an infection this terrible.”

As a worldwide expert, her studio has served more than 25,000 clients, AND Nadia takes a lot of pride in Eye Design’s Fifth Avenue studio, which maintains sanitation up to par with medical standards. Similarly, all our technicians are licensed tattoo artists in New York City, and are regularly checked for hygiene and proper technique. We follow local sanitation guidelines, as well as local tattoo regulations.

Our team always outlines the healing process carefully when speaking with our clients so they know exactly how to care for their new brows.  We also provide aftercare cards, aftercare videos and phone support six days a week.

Originally reported by a Detroit-based NBC affiliate WDIV, the woman left the unnamed studio feeling great about her new look. However, the treated area began to turn red and days later, she noticed “little lumps” around her brows. Pain and swelling began to increase rapidly.

It is alarming that this woman reportedly paid only $250 for her microblading treatment; what seemed like a “good deal” ended up costing her a lot more.

Nadia says that this procedure should never cost $250. This is because the price of proper education and training from a reputable company is high, and so is the cost of maintaining top medical standards for hygiene, even for a small studio. Additionally, investing in quality products is crucial. All tools and supplies, including blades and pens, should be sterile and disposable.

“Always check the technician’s portfolio before undergoing a procedure like microblading or permanent makeup. Video examples are especially important,” Nadia says.

“Video content is more difficult to fake, whereas photos can be stolen and reviews can be phony.”

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