Love your brows again with laser removal by Eye Design!

Do you follow Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva on Instagram? If you do, then you definitely saw the stunning results from our laser removal treatment that she shared over the weekend! (If not, then follow her ASAP @nadia_afanaseva!)

Using our premium Lumenis PiQo4 laser, the best of its kind, our Senior Technician and laser specialist Irina was able to transform her client’s eyebrows in only one removal session! We cannot get enough of these amazing results.

As microblading and permanent/semi-permanent makeup become more mainstream, Eye Design has seen an influx of clients with old or unsatisfactory results from other studios. We recommend that everyone who is looking into microblading does extensive research before booking an appointment at any studio or with any technician.

Although some clients may have old work that has faded enough to cover with our Powder Effect treatment, many do not. They require laser removal before the Eye Design team can go ahead with microblading or Powder Effect.

Because it is our goal to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin, we invested in a laser for pigment removal (and the proper training that goes along with it)! Now, Eye Design offers top-notch laser removal services of all kinds (including Carbon Peel Facial, our first-ever skincare treatment).

The combination of our high-quality tools and gentle techniques ensures every laser procedure is safe and effective! Look at the client’s transformation after just one appointment with Irina and the Lumenis PiQo4. Before the treatment, her brows looked completely unnatural. They were done at another studio that used an incorrect shape and color when working with her. Overall, her results were harsh and unflattering. We are so happy she came to us for her correction!

One session with Irina and our Lumenis PiQo4 laser was able to lift a significant amount of pigment from both of the client’s brows, changing them from an ashy gray-black color to a more natural-looking brown color. Ashy results are really common among technicians who are not properly trained or who do not use the correct tools. 

Not only does this transform the color itself, but it also leads to softer brows with less volume overall. While clients love microblading because it visually adds volume to their brows, when it is not done correctly, the extra thickness can create an ill-suited shape. We cannot wait to see her progress as she continues laser removal with us at Eye Design!

The number of laser sessions needed depends on many factors and, just like microblading, Powder Effect and everything else we do at our studio, the process is customized to the individual. Major factors include:

  • The depth of the pigment
  • The quality of the pigment used
  • The size of the tattoo
  • The client’s skin thickness/skin type
  • The client’s desired results (e.g., whether he/she wants complete removal or slight fading)

Most laser sessions take between 5 and 15 minutes (with an additional 15 to 25 minutes for numbing). Afterwards, you are free to go about your normal routine! Although you may have some slight redness, this usually subsides in less than 24 hours and does not affect your skincare/makeup routine.

For all laser removal inquiries, please call our studio at (917) 300-0318 or click here to learn more!

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