Look flawless IRL with our NEW Snapchat Effect lash extensions

Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is always working on new styles and techniques. Her latest creation? Snapchat Effect eyelash extensions!

Nadia is a true artist who loves exploring the beauty industry, pushing limits and developing exclusive treatments for her clients. She did not stop after the success of her Kim’s Effect lashes. Inspired by the beautiful results and feedback from thousands of clients, Nadia went back to the drawing board.

When she entered the world of beauty, Nadia first fell in love with eyelash extensions. With suggestions from her clients in mind, she developed Kim’s Effect, a red carpet-worthy lash style with full volume, eye-opening curl and varying length throughout. This technique results in enhanced eye size and shape, as well as flirty, feminine lashes.

Social media grew rapidly during this time and Snapchat took off. The smart phone-friendly app allows users to send disappearing photos and videos to their friends--with the option to add fun filters and overlays on top. Think: dog ears, flower crowns and more!

These features typically smooth the skin, brighten the eyes and whiten teeth. But, you may have noticed many of the options give you a gorgeous set of lashes, better than any mascara you have tried before!

Thanks to advancements in beauty and Nadia’s never-ending quest to give her clients what they want, lash-wearers can enjoy Snapchat-worthy lashes for longer than 10 seconds! (In fact, Eye Design’s work lasts up to 7 weeks.)

DIY strip lashes can be a hassle. Applying them yourself requires a lot of time and patience (plus, they never look 100-percent natural). Many who try them also say that the adhesive and the lashes themselves irritate their eyes. Not to mention, you have to remove them at the end of the day (or night), only to re-apply them the next morning.

Our team searched the market for the best tools and supplies. Our synthetic and cruelty-free eyelash extensions, as well as our long-lasting adhesives, are hypoallergenic. When used correctly, they will not cause an uncomfortable allergic reaction. We love animals, and we also found that synthetic lash extensions perform better than alternatives like mink!

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