Introducing Brow Lift by Eye Design New York

Fuller brows have met their match. Introducing Eyebrow Lift, the newest treatment at Eye Design! If you’ve been blessed with naturally thick brows, but constantly find yourself grooming them, our studio now offers a semi-permanent solution for you, too. Brow Lift gives you freshly fluffed brows that last 6 weeks. Think of it as a long-lasting Brazilian blowout for your brows!

Also known as eyebrow lamination, Eye Design’s Brow Lift is a quick and painless procedure. Similar to Lash Lift, it uses a solution to lock your hairs in place without sacrificing their strength. Instead, it adds a soft sheen to your brows, which remain full and healthy. There is no damage to the skin or hairs whatsoever! Results look completely natural (and you never end-up with crunchy brows).

Because it is such an easy treatment, there is absolutely no downtime! However, we recommend you avoid getting your brows wet for 24 hours to ensure your results last as long as possible. This includes skincare and makeup products, too.

Eye Design is proud to use only cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and safe products. If you have extremely sensitive skin or are worried about a possible negative reaction to our Brow Lift, you are always welcome to stop by our studio during normal hours for a patch test. Fans of our Lash Lift will love this new treatment!

There are so many gels on the market for busy girls who want to groom their brows on the go. But what if you could toss your gel to the side and never have to worry about packing it in your purse or carry-on again? That is exactly what Brow Lift can do for you!

Traditional cosmetic gels can leave your hairs feeling crunchy and looking stiff. They hardly last through tough workouts, beach vacations or trips to the pool. Summer is around the corner and Eye Design’s newest treatment is exactly what full-bodied brows need to look polished for weeks on end with minimal maintenance! Feel confident leaving the gym, taking trips to the beach or dips in the pool all summer long. We know a Brow Lift will make you look gorgeous without a drop of makeup.

If you are used to a tinted gel, you may want to add our Brow Shaping treatment. This leaves your hairs with a natural-looking dye that also lasts 4 to 6 weeks (depending on how often you wash your face and how much time you spend in the sun). It can be done in our studio in as little as 10 or 15 minutes! (Lash Lift clients can also choose to have their eyelashes colored with this temporary dye.)

This is a great option for blondes, as well as those who simply want fuller, bolder and more defined eyebrows (or lashes) without makeup. Our work never smudges or fades throughout the day. Instead, everything fades naturally over time.

Lifted, groomed brows give you a wide-awake look 24/7, so put down your makeup products and get ready for Eye Design’s next big thing. Coming to our studio soon!

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