How Microblading Can Help Alopecia-Related Hair Loss

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can result in mild to severe hair loss. In some cases, it results in complete hair loss. There are many types of alopecia, but no matter which one you may have, it can prove to be very difficult to adjust to a changed appearance.

Along with hair on the scalp, one of the first places where a person can be affected by loss of hair are on the eyebrows. Many people seek out methods to re-grow their eyebrows or recreate them. Whether you attempt hair transplantation, eyebrow wigs, or intense powder-pencil-gel makeup, it can be expensive and extremely tedious. Waking up every day and attempting to create perfectly symmetrical and natural looking brows can take a lot of time - and the results are generally less than you would’ve hoped for.

If you’re using temporary cosmetic fixes, you can be prevented from doing normal things. Sweating during exercise, swimming, even getting through an extra long day - these are all things that can break the bond between adhesive and the skin or smear your makeup.

If you’ve considered eyebrow tattooing, you may have been put off by some of the downsides of it - including green or blue tinting as your tattoo ages, brows looking blocky and unnatural, and the fact that they’re completely permanent and you wouldn’t be able to change them without receiving laser tattoo removal.

Microblading is a new and innovative solution to many hair loss problems, even those who are experiencing complete hair loss! This treatment is less than 3 hours long during the initial microblading session, it is semi-permanent (lasting 1-3 years) and is much less expensive than continuing to purchase brow wigs or brow transplants.

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