Get the your-brows-but-better look with the latest trend: Microbfeathering!

In a world where crazy trends make headlines and everyone is in search of the latest “Instagram brow” craze, we like to keep things simple, classic and natural. That’s our thing here at Eye Design.

So, we were more than happy to learn that one of the most recent trends gaining immense popularity is microfeathering. Basically, it is a microblading technique that creates a “your-brows-but-better” look for beauties who already have overall full brows with a few sparse areas.

While microblading is ideal for clients with naturally very sparse brows, or those with over-plucked or over-waxed brows, microfeathering is for those with a fair amount of hair already who need (or want!) just a subtle change.

During this procedure, the technician will deposit pigment in the same hyper-realistic, hair-like strokes as microblading. But, here’s the difference: the strokes will not be as pigmented, as deep or as voluminous as microblading.

A few strokes here, a couple there, the technician will add pigment only in your sparse or thin areas. This is great for those who have scars that have caused hair to no longer grow in an isolated area, as well as those who have over-plucked/over-waxed only certain sections of the brow, such as the tail.

Similarly, lighter strokes and less and/or lighter pigment better suit those who are in search of an extremely natural, non-bold eyebrow look. While we can assure all of you that Eye Design’s microbladed brows are individually tailored to work in harmony with each client’s unique facial features, making sure you never look overdone, our team understands that some clients want to lightest look possible. That is where microfeathering comes in.

If you eventually decide you *would* like a bolder, more defined look, your technician can always add to your brows during a touch-up appointment. On the other hand, because our high-performance pigment is designed to last a year or more, you may have to wait a while before your brows begin to fade.

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