Eye Design's semi-permanent Lip Pigments: Coming soon!

Are you thinking about semi-permanent lip makeup by Eye Design? The same technology that allows our technicians to gives you gorgeous brows also works on lips! Eye Design’s revolutionary technique, developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, adds a beautiful wash of color to the lips while enhancing lips’ size and adding definition. We can also use this treatment to correct asymmetry and reduce the appearance of age lines.

Our studio’s one-of-a-kind Microblading Pigments launched in a set of six. And our Lip Pigments will be the same! The shades range from nude pinks to classic reds to deep berries. Every shade can be applied as subtly or as bold as you choose. If you are unsure, talk to your Eye Design technician to determine what is best for you. Every appointment starts with a 20- to 30-minute consultation.

Those familiar with our Microblading Pigments know that we named every shade after delicious cafe treats. Think: Caramel, Cappuccino and Chocolate. Do you have any guesses how we got the names for our new Lip Pigments? (Hint: You may have even seen a sneak preview of all the shades on Instagram @eye_design_ny!)

Due to their rich hues, we named our Lip Pigments after some of the best and most iconic wines. From Rosé to Pinot Noir, all your favorites are in the collection. Which is your go-to?

Most makeup users know that traditional lipstick is buildable; we can apply it in layers, depending on whether we want sheer coverage or intense color payoff. Eye Design’s semi-permanent Lip Pigments work the same way. Your technician can add more or less layers of pigment to create any look that you want. But unlike actual lipstick, semi-permanent makeup means that you will never have to fuss with the application process every day. Instead, you will come back to our studio for a touch-up every 12 to 18 months.

Similarly, clients can choose to add a stronger, more defined outline to accentuate the lips’ shape. This makes lips look more youthful, while giving the client a gorgeous, freshly applied makeup look--without the need for real makeup! Those who want something more muted can opt for a diffused outline. Either way, your results will look flawless and modern--never overdone!

Traditional lipsticks smudge, feather and fade throughout the day. Eye Design’s semi-permanent lip makeup never smudges. Instead, it fades naturally over time. It never turns blue/gray or ashy, unlike permanent makeup of previous generations.

Eye Design’s semi-permanent lip makeup is for a new generation of women. Today’s women are busier than ever, and while we love makeup, we do not have as much time to deal with the hassle. Lipstick, perhaps more than any other makeup product, requires nearly constant attention and babysitting. Thanks to our revolutionary technique, women can wear their favorite lip colors every day without any effort. With semi-permanent lip makeup from Eye Design, you will wake up each morning and go to sleep every night with a designer color and a customized shape.

Semi-permanent lip makeup never leaves you with limited options. Clients can layer any products--from clear glosses to opaque lipsticks to long-lasting lip tints--on top! Our studio recommends choosing a color that suits your everyday style, so that you can change it up for special occasions.

To schedule an appointment (or for a FREE phone consultation), call Eye Design at (917) 300-0317! We can’t wait to see you.

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