Everything you need to know about the Fitzpatrick Scale

With the Fitzpatrick Scale there is no reason to worry that your new brows might not be the right hue for you. Eye Design’s technicians always use this doctor-approved technique to determine your perfect brow shade! (Plus, we developed a range of microblading pigments that correspond directly to it.)

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5 thoughts you'll have while your brows are healing

The microblading procedure is only half the battle; once you leave Eye Design’s studio, you will need to give your brows the royal treatment as they heal. And while the results are as unique as your face itself, most of our clients find themselves with similar thoughts during the healing process.

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Lash extensions & pregnancy: Is it safe?

Many expecting mothers want to look good in their post-labor hospital bed photos. The only problem is, few women have the chance to deal with the hassle of makeup before being whisked away to the maternity ward. Lash extensions seem like a logical solution for this dilemma--but are they safe for both mom and baby?

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