Quality results are worth the cost

Is the price keeping you from scheduling an appointment? What about the possibility of terrible results? When it comes to microblading and semi-permanent makeup, Eye Design truly believes you get what you pay for.

A simple Google search for the phrase “bad microblading” yields over 400,000 results. Among them are countless images--mostly women--sharing the horrible microblading work they received at a range of less-than-adequate studios.

In addition to too-dark, too-blue and completely unrealistic hairs trokes, there is a number of disturbing images that feature women with horrible reactions to the procedure. Inflamed, swollen, bloody and possibly infected brows have been the case for more than one woman. Not only a risk to your appearance, shoddy microblading can be a risk to your health.

That is why the entire Eye Design team stands by our prices. Thanks to our hard work and dedication, our studio has grown tremendously over the past four (almost five!) years. And with that, our technicians have become some of the most in-demand microblading and semi-permanent makeup experts in Manhattan!

We are proud of all that we have achieved here at Eye Design. Because our team truly sees their work as an art that requires innovation, skill and a ton of practice, we always deliver the most gorgeous, realistic and long-lasting results possible. Our technicians work under medical-grade standards all day long, and we have never had a client develop an infection after any of our procedures.

There are a lot of stereotypes about permanent and semi-permanent makeup, as well as microblading; many potential clients hoping for more volume or a defined shape let the fear of botched brows hold them back!

These stereotypes likely stem from the downright shocking results--whether they were caused by poor-quality materials/tools or a lack of craftsmanship (or a combination of the two)--that tend to go viral on social media. Rarely do we see flawless brows making headlines.

As well as the life-changing results Eye Design technicians so often deliver, we also strive to change the public’s perception of our industry, one hyper-realistic hair stroke at a time.

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