Three options to consider before Permanent Makeup

Everyone uses makeup differently. From everyday makeup-wearers to well-known celebrity makeup artists, we all have our own unique style. And certain brow looks tend to flatter certain face shapes better than others. In order to give you EXACTLY what works best for YOU as an individual, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva developed three techniques patterns for PERMANENT eyebrow makeup.

The Eye Design team is client-focused and always strives to create the best look for each client as an individual. When I am not working with clients, I am passionate about developing new techniques behind the scenes. Everyone who visits Eye Design should find a technique that suits them perfectly!

With the help of new advancements in technology and in the beauty industry, I developed our range of customizable PERMANENT beauty techniques so we can do what is right for everyone who visits our studio. We assess every client on a case-by-case basis! At Eye Design, the experience is all about your personal needs and preferences.

Everyone at our studio loves Powder Effect, our signature semi-permanent brow makeup. But did you know I am in the process of finalizing three techniques for PERMANENT eyebrow makeup? Soon you will be able to get a gorgeous gradient that lasts even longer!

I created three variations of my exclusive permanent eyebrow treatment to flatter different faces and to cater to all kinds of makeup-wearers. This is new technology that will last FOREVER! The three patterns you see here are not based on trends. They are based on what works well and will look beautiful for centuries to come.

Permanent makeup is different from tattooing because it is done superficially by spraying layers of tiny pin-dots under the skin (with the help of a special machine and a micro-needle). During this procedure, the technician must create a gradient, unlike traditional tattooing which usually involves solid lines. A gradient is the smooth transition from light to dark pigment. All three of my permanent brow makeup techniques include a gradient.

Very few people know that pigment distribution patterns can differ in permanent makeup, as well as in microblading. It is important to focus on the gradient in any case because the name of the technique differs based on where the darkest area of the pigment is located. For example…


In the first portion of the drawing we see that the dark part of the eyebrow is in the center, and there is a smooth transition to the lightest color at the outer edges. We call this technique Powder. It is considered the most natural and it is suitable for all types of eyebrows. (Technicians should focus on learning this pattern before they move onto any others.)


The second photo gives the effect of eyebrow makeup because the lower edge of the brow is lined. When applying pencil, powder or pomade at home, many women tend to outline the bottom of their brows in order to enhance the shape. So, the gradient from light to dark goes from top to bottom. My permanent Shadow pattern creates the same look with a flawless finish. And unlike actual makeup, it never smudges or fades throughout the day!


Popular among younger generations is the Ombré technique. Much like Powder, this effect is very natural and beautiful, but it does not suit all eyebrows, especially those with gaps or those with thick natural hairs. I also do not recommend this for wide-set eyes.

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