Extensions that improve the condition of your natural lashes

Eye Design has a reputation for superior quality practices and products--but how can you be sure my team is the real deal? Take it from one of the beautiful and confident clients who can testify that lash extensions--at least our lash extensions--improve the overall condition of your own natural eyelashes.

Meet Michele. Once an Eye Design demo model, she quickly turned into one of our 25,000 clients.

She began her journey with eyelash extensions at her local hair salon in New Jersey with a technician whom she thought she could trust. However, Michele quickly realized that the extensions fell out so quickly, and she would need to get a full set every two weeks if she wanted to keep up with them.

Once the extensions were removed for good, Michele noticed that her natural lashes had become what she describes as “stubs.” In fact, she tells me that it took about five months before they were long and full enough to use mascara again.

After hearing about our work from a close friend, Michele applied to be one of our demo models. Because it was her first time working with us, she opted for our most subtle lash extensions style: Natural. When her first full set from Eye Design was removed, it was apparent that her natural lashes had grown back significantly and were beginning to look full again! What a transformation after just six weeks.

Now, Michele is a regular at our Fifth Avenue studio and the client of Senior Technician and lash expert Anastasia. She will admit she was a little hesitant to visit as at first; she was not sure if Eye Design’s lash extensions were worth the commute from New Jersey. Michele was pleasantly surprised that superior quality lashes, as well as application techniques, are well worth a trip into Manhattan. Eye Design’s attention to detail sets us apart from the rest!

Since her first visit, Michele has also tried lower lash extensions, which eliminate the need for mascara completely and draw even more attention to the eyes. Additionally, she plans on trying Kim’s Effect--an original style that I developed after years of experience--next. When natural lashes are longer, fuller and stronger, they can handle more extensions.

Take a look at this client after application and after removal, and see for yourself why Eye Design’s lash extensions are the best in the business.

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