Everything you need to know about permanent makeup

None of the permanent makeup procedures we offer are actually permanent tattoos. They are designed to fade naturally.

The techniques and products we utilize during the process are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin--and none cause bleeding. Plus, they’ll leave you with minimal downtown during the quick recovery period!

In fact, we work only on the first layer of the skin, so anesthetics are often not necessary because the client will not feel anything. Permanent makeup is completely painless.

Eye Design is proud to offer six unique procedures tailored to your individual needs.


The Powder Effect, also known as the Ombré Eyebrow, creates fashionable, makeup-effect eyebrows through the innovative “megapixel technique.” That is, the technician will apply thousands of tiny pin-point pigment dots, a process which gradually builds up color and defines the brow shape. It’s perfect for clients with oily skin or those who are seeking to cover old permanent brows.

Our technicians only perform this technique with the world’s number-one semi-permanent makeup machine; its needle only touches the skin’s top layer. And because of this, results always look super soft and extremely natural.

For those who want to up their brow game but keep the look hyper-realistic, Eye Design combines the power of Powder Effect with the fine strokes of microblading for our special hybrid technique.

The Hybrid technique is the most natural-looking option for clients who have sparse natural eyebrows or those who want to add definition or more of an arch to what they’ve got. It creates the illusion of natural hairs as well as brow powder application.

Eyeliner & lash thickness

If you can’t go a day without applying liquid or pencil eyeliner, our Eyeliner Semi-Permanent Makeup procedure may be right for you. Save time applying in the morning and touch-ups throughout the day. This semi-permanent procedure never runs the way makeup does, leaving the professionally designed shape and customized color in-tact all day--and night--long! It can be applied to both the top and bottom lash lines.

A similar procedure we offer is the Lash Effect. While it is frequently used on clients with sparse an/or light natural brows, we also recommend this procedure for frequent lash-extension clients who do not wish to return to the studio for frequent refills. Just like our Eyeliner Permanent Makeup, the technician will customize the design and color of your Lash Effect procedure.


Don’t be fooled by our name--Eye Design also caters to clients seeking enhancement of the lips.

With customized color for every client, our technicians specialize in correcting asymmetry, adding definition and fullness, de-emphasizing age lines and color-correcting.

Old makeup correction & removal

The final service Eye Design offers is Old Makeup Correction. Although this one is overlooked, it’s so important. This is because it has the power to correct the shape, color and overall appearance of the client’s lips, eyeliner or eyebrows. There are two techniques that can go into this procedure, and Eye Design often uses both.

Our Master Technician will use the color adjustment method when the client is satisfied with the shape of his or her brows, liner or lips, but is unhappy with the color (think: perfectly lined eyes or lips that are orange, blue or purple). During the process, our mineral-based corrective pigment color is implanted over the existing permanent makeup to neutralize it. This leaves the client with a more natural shade.

Eye Design is also equipped with a state-of-the-art laser that has the power to remove pigment in the fewest appointments possible. Often, the tech will combine the laser technique with corrective pigment techniques to optimize results.

We also offer shape correction to improve symmetry or balance of uneven permanent brows, liner or lips.

Do any of these procedures sound like the right match for you? Click here to book an appointment with Eye Design's skilled technicians at our Manhattan studio! 

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