Everything you need to know about our Natural Set + easy aftercare tips for eyelash extensions

Are you new to lash extensions? If so, the team at Eye Design recommends you start with our Natural Set.

Our studio offers four different volume levels for eyelash extensions: Natural, Glamour, Dramatic and Kim’s Effect. Natural is the lightest option and one of the most popular among our clients, especially first-time clients!

While creating a Natural Set, Eye Design’s technicians apply 2 to 3 lash extensions to every one of the client’s natural eyelashes. Doing this achieves a soft look that still enhances and defines the eyes. The Natural Set is ideal for those who wear little to no makeup and, of course, those who are new to eyelash extensions.

The best thing about eyelash extensions is that they are so versatile. Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician, developed a range of different volume levels, styles and effects for lash extensions. In fact, she is credited with bringing Russian Volume techniques to the United States!

Nadia trained the talented team at the Eye Design studio in all of her techniques. We can create low-key looks for clients who want I-woke-up-like-this lashes, as well as intense, red carpet-worthy lashes for those getting ready to attend special events.

In addition to the different volume levels, clients can also choose from more than 10 beautiful eyelash styles. Using a mix of different lash lengths, thicknesses and curls, Eye Design’s technicians can create a look to suit every client’s personal preferences and flatter every client’s one-of-a-kind facial features! From classics like Natural and Round, favorites like Cat and Doll and advanced styles like Fox and Honeybee, Eye Design has everything.

While your expert technician can always help find the right combination of volume level and style for you as an individual, we also encourage clients to try different looks to see what they like best. 

When you find your go-to, our technicians can recreate it for you anytime! The entire Eye Design team is always focused on YOU; with assistance from our front-desk staff, your technician will note exactly which lash lengths, thicknesses and curls she used to achieve your specific style. That way, clients can always return to previous looks they loved, even if they choose to see another one of our technicians!

Eye Design focuses on quality techniques and always gets the job done with premium supplies! No matter which set or style you choose, with proper care, your eyelash extensions should last four weeks or longer! The best part? Eye Design’s work will NEVER cause harm to your natural eyelashes--just make sure you always follow our aftercare instructions!

Once you get the hang of it, taking care of your lash extensions is easy. We recommend the following:

  • Do not wet your lashes or expose them to high heat/high humidity environments for 24 hours following your procedure. This includes swimming, sweating and saunas. 
    • Wash your face with a makeup wipe or micellar water on a cotton round during this time.
  • Brush through your lash extensions at least twice a day, but never when they are wet! Always let them air dry before brushing.
    • Keep a lash comb (a “spoolie”) on your bedside table so that you can brush them first thing in the morning and again before you go to sleep every evening.
  • Be extremely careful when putting on/taking off clothes overhead, as well as when drying your face with a towel. You should avoid the eye area.
  • Never attempt to remove lash extensions on your own--you risk pulling out your natural eyelashes!
  • Washing your face should help remove any lint or debris from your lashes.
    • If something stubborn is caught on your lashes, brush through them when they are dry.
    • Don’t use a tweezer or any other type of tool to remove lint or debris from your lashes.

To try Eye Design’s Natural Set, schedule an appointment with us today! Call our studio at (917) 300-0317. Click here for more information. 

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