The Price of Microblading: It’s Worth the Money, We Promise

It’s not unusual for clients to come in and ask: “How long should I expect my microblading results to last?” “Does it hurt?” “How long does the procedure take?”

One of our most popular questions, however, is usually about pricing:

“Why are your services so expensive?”

is a common question that we’re more than prepared to answer.


 If you’ve been to a studio that charges $100 to $300 for microblading, then it’s probably a low-grade studio.

 Let me explain – most professional microblading studios range between $400 to $800, with the average procedure costing around $600.

 A microblading procedure, however, is more than a simple, one-time visit. Microblading requires at least two visits, both of which are equally important for long lasting eyebrows.

 Microblading is essentially a medical procedure – we can think of it as a cosmetic medical procedure. Like a surgeon, your microblading artist will need to make sure that you have your own private room (this is a law in the state of New York). In addition, you should receive new supplies, including bedsheets and a gown. Each tool used during your appointment should be sterilized and thrown away after use.

If we break that down, those costs alone (rent, pre-op equipment, tools, etc.) surpass $300. High-quality products also cost quite a bit of money.

While cheaper pigments are available, they tend to change color over time or fade altogether. Cheaper pigments could also affect the healing process or cause an allergic reaction. This is why Eye Design uses high-end, mineral-based pigments.

The Bottom Line

If you go to a cheap microblading studio, you face the risk of receiving improper treatment, healing incorrectly, and unsatisfying results. Customers contact us on a daily basis about receiving microblading correction procedures with unfortunate email attachments and embarrassing stories. 

Why pay for a cheap microblading job, only to pay thousands of dollars to have it removed and re-done by true microblading professionals? Cut out unnecessary time and money by seeing Eye Design first. Book an appointment online or by phone 917-200-0727.


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