Brow touch-ups: Are they necessary?

Eye Design’s semi-permanent brow treatments are life-changing. For some, they can cut getting-ready time in half! I developed my microblading and Powder Effect techniques to simplify the routines of women everywhere.

Maintaining your new look is completely up to you. It’s truly a matter of how bold and how precise you like your eyebrows to look. Some clients like a slightly imperfect, lived-in brow look, while many others want a dark, sharp, fresh-from-the-salon brow every single day. Whichever you prefer, touch-ups are necessary!

At our studio all microblading and semi-permanent beauty procedures involve two steps. First, you’ll come in for your initial treatment. (This includes a 20- to 30-minute consultation with your technician who will help you decide what look is right for you.) You will leave our studio feeling beautiful and confident. Over the next several days, brows will darken as scabs form--this is completely normally.

Those who have worked with us before know that as the scabs fall, brows look patchy as the lighter color underneath is revealed, so don’t panic! Although you may feel a little silly (we promise you definitely do not look nearly as silly as you feel), it is important NOT to pick or peel the scabs on your own. Let them fall off naturally, or risk infection and faded pigment. Think about it: What’s worse? Patchy eyebrows for a few days, or a painful and potentially dangerous infection that could lead to scarring?

Scabs take less than one week to fall on their own--any stubborn leftovers can be washed away with water and a mild facial cleanser after the seventh day. As the skin heals, the pigment underneath will begin to rise to the surface, becoming slightly richer and less blurry over time. The full healing takes place over four to six weeks. Then, it is time for a touch-up!

The team at Eye Design is full of experts, but it is impossible for anyone to determine how an individual’s skin will heal. (Our expertise does, however, give us the ability to make some sound predictions based on your skin type, lifestyle and a few other factors.) More than 90 percent of microblading and Powder Effect clients come in for a touch-up before the 6-week mark to address any areas where the pigment didn’t fully sink into the skin.

If you are slightly nervous about the microblading procedure, you can also opt for a lighter pigment at your initial appointment. Then, if after the healing process you decide you are ready to go darker, you can do so at your touch-up.

Even if you are 100% happy with your results after your initial treatment, we still recommend the touch-up 4 to 6 weeks later because it allows for longer-lasting results.

Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva developed our mineral-based Microblading Pigments to fade naturally over time. All of our brow treatments (microblading, Powder Effect and Hybrid) are semi-permanent. To maintain your look, we recommend coming back for another touch-up every 12 to 18 months. Clients who like an intense brow, or clients with oily skin, may want to come for their touch-ups every 6 to 9 months instead.

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