The Benefits of Microblading

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably already know what microblading is. But, just in case, here’s a quick refresher.

Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigments in the epidermis. These pigments are placed meticulously in individual hair-like strokes with a microblading pen to create the look of natural, fuller brows.

Your Morning Routine Will Be a Breeze

Microblading is a great option for women who don’t want to waste their mornings with an excessive makeup routine. This way, you can spend that time eating a much-needed breakfast or pressing the snooze button a few more times.

Microblading Gives Some Women (and Men) a Second Chance

Microblading originated in Asia as a way to help cancer patients who were experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy. Microblading gives patients with alopecia and cancer (in addition to many others who are experiencing hair loss for medical reasons) a chance to feel normal again.

It’s Smudge-Proof

Microblading implants pigments into the first three layers of skin, so it won’t smear or smudge. Can your brow makeup do that? We didn’t think so.

Microblading is Basically Painless

At Eye Design, your technician will apply a topical anesthetic that will numb the area before your procedure, so you’ll be comfortable and ready to receive your brand new brows.

It’s Safe (and Quick)

Microblading is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure. Plus, no down time is needed. You can come in, get your brows done, and then go about your day!



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