A solution to chemotherapy-related eyebrow loss: Microblading

There are many health complications that can cause hair loss, but one of the most difficult can be treating cancer with chemotherapy. Experiencing the change between the full head of hair that you used to have, to a complete loss of hair, can be extremely challenging physically and emotionally. Many people are not equipped to lose their eyebrows along with the hair on their scalp, and it can be extremely shocking to see your face without them.

Many people attempt to treat this problem with eyebrow transplants, which can be extremely expensive and damage the hair follicle permanently. There are also short term fixes that people try: eyebrow wigs, and extremely detailed makeup day-to-day. These routines are exhausting and almost never look natural. Recreating symmetry just isn’t realistic for most people.

Even if you have no problem with any of the options listed above, you may have anxiety about doing things that used to be entirely normal: swimming, sweating during exercise, or even just going through a workday -- simply because these are all things that can smear your eyebrow makeup or break an adhesives bond on your skin.

Perhaps you’ve considered eyebrow tattooing as a permanent solution, however, you may have seen some of the downsides - brows looking thick and blocky, the greenish-blue fading, and the possibility of laser removal if you don’t like them.

You may not have considered microblading as a solution to your problems, however, it’s a great option for people who are experiencing complete hair loss. As a semi-permanent solution, it’s non-invasive, fast, and much less expensive than constant alternative options. With the pigment lasting at least 1-3 years with proper follow-up and care, you can continue to live normally and wake up with great, natural-looking brows every day.

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