Tattoos - a form of expression that lasts forever. However, over time, tastes change. Maybe the eyebrows you had put on with permanent ink on in the 90’s are fading into various shades of green, blue, or orange. Perhaps the shape you had chosen isn’t exactly your style anymore. No matter the cause of your unhappiness, Eye Design is here to help. Since the inception of our company, we’ve answered phone calls and emails about correcting old permanent makeup and tattooing. At times, though we were able to cover old permanent eyebrows with powder effect, we always wished we could go back in time and stop the client from receiving them in the first place. Now, we can do the next best thing!

Our Fifth Avenue Studio in the heart of Manhattan has procured a world-class laser removal machine, which means we’ll be able to provide non-invasive eyebrow tattoo removal in-house! If you were originally unable to schedule an appointment with us because your pigment was still too bright or had faded unnaturally, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment for laser sessions in order to streamline your new microblading process for you.

A large amount of cosmetologists, estheticians and beauticians begin microblading to make a higher income. Because of this, many of these people begin seeing clients without proper experience, tools, or pigments! Some of their clients find that after a few years, their tattooed brows have faded into unsightly colors, while others simply realize that they are dissatisfied with the shape or thickness. Thankfully, modern tattoo and pigment removal is completely safe and many people have begun the process of getting their perfect brows! Forget microdermabrasion, acid peels, or any other remedy!

If you’re someone that is satisfied with your original microblading, you may also refresh your old pigment by performing one laser session, and then receiving new color and new shape as opposed to going over your old pigment.

Our laser removal is performed by our Master Technician, and the co-founder of Eye Design, Nadia Afanaseva. The machine we have acquired is considered the best in the United States, as well as at the height of luxury and quality, so you may expect to see the same amount of satisfaction that Eye Design has always been committed to delivering.


Zero Scarring - Our machine ignores skin cells, meaning that the potential risk for scarring is extremely low, especially compared to “sanding” and “microdermabrasion” removals.
Minimal Recovery - As long as you follow our aftercare, you can continue living your life normally.
Safety - Unlike at home solutions, as well as other permanent makeup removing “solutions”, laser tattoo removal is among the safest way to remove a tattoo. The risk of infection and other undesirable side effects is very small.
Performed exclusively by Nadia Afanaseva - You’ll know that you’re in the hands of one of the most experienced professionals world-wide.
Effective - Laser removal is extremely effective in removing pigment, unlike other options that may have you paying big bucks for no results!
AQS Laser - Our laser is considered the “diamond treatment” by industry professionals. This laser may fade and completely remove old pigment with enough sessions.*
*Amount of sessions needed to remove pigment is entirely dependent on each individual.
Laser Tattoo Removal by Nadia Afanaseva

If you’re interested in receiving laser removal of old permanent makeup, please book your first appointment with us. How many sessions you need is entirely dependent on the intensity of the pigment and the size of the tattoo, as well as your personal skin type.

For all inquiries regarding our new laser services, please contact us at (917)-200-0727 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


*clients may require multiple sessions for a desired result

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