Feel Refreshed With Eye Design’s New Foaming Facial Cleanser

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Some people seem to think that wetting your eyelashes after getting extensions is bad practice, but in reality, proper cleaning and aftercare techniques will make your lashes last longer. This is why we created a new and unique Foaming Facial Cleanser. Unlike other cleansers, our product is light and airy, leaving you feeling awake and refreshed.

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A solution to chemotherapy-related eyebrow loss: Microblading

There are many health complications that can cause hair loss, but one of the most difficult can be treating cancer with chemotherapy. Experiencing the change between the full head of hair that you used to have, to a complete loss of hair, can be extremely challenging physically and emotionally. Many people are not equipped to lose their eyebrows along with the hair on their scalp, and it can be extremely shocking to see your face without them.

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How Microblading Can Help Alopecia-Related Hair Loss

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can result in mild to severe hair loss. In some cases, it results in complete hair loss. There are many types of alopecia, but no matter which one you may have, it can prove to be very difficult to adjust to a changed appearance.

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Cejas Microblading Nueva York

Microblading es la solución a sus problemas de cejas sobre depiladas. Microblading es una forma de maquillaje semi-permanente diseñado para rellenar sus cejas y ayudar a que sus cejas lleguen al grosor ideal para usted. El procedimiento es considerado semi-permanente porque solamente trabajamos sobre la primera capa de la piel, el epidermis. Trabajando en el epidermi so puesto a trabajar en el dermis, como se hace cuando uno recibe un tatuaje, nos ayuda a tener mejor control sobre el cabello dibujado, y hacer que los resultados se vean lo más natural posible. Microblading puede durar de uno a tres años con el cuidado adecuado, y dependiendo eltipo de piel que usted tenga. Todas sus dudas y respuestas a sus preguntas serán contestadas almomento de su consulta con su técnica.

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