Have Oily Skin? Read This Before You Try Microblading

If you have oily skin, then you already know that your skincare routine differs from those who have “normal” or even “dry” skin.

If you’re interested in microblading, it’s important to tell your microblading artist that your skin is naturally oilier than others (she should be able to tell this just by looking at your skin, but if your makeup game is on point, it might be a bit difficult to figure out).

So, why does it matter?

If you have extremely oily skin, microblading may not be the best option for you as the oil will cause the hair-strokes to heal with a diffused look.

Enter Micro-Shading

Micro-shading (also known as the Shadow/Powder Effect) is a newer technique that’s perfect for clients with oily skin. 

Unlike microblading, micro-shading gives the brows a gradient appearance with small pin-point dots instead of individual hair-strokes.

If you’re still deadest on hair-strokes, however, Eye Design offers a hybrid technique where your tech will not only draw hair-strokes, but will add shading to give you a full (totally natural) makeup look.

5 Things Your Lash Artist Wants You to Know

Lash artists are patient, creative, and sometimes, a bit silly. But, more than anything, they’re skillfully trained professionals who want to be treated with the same respect you give your doctor or your dentist.

Here’s a few things you should keep in mind before going to your next lash appointment.

It’s Important to Clean Your Lashes

Cleaning your eyelashes daily is imperative if you want your natural lashes to be healthy and long. Remember, it takes healthy, long lashes to wear eyelash extensions. Throughout the day, your skin produces a grotesque amount of oil and fluid that can clog your hair follicles. If your follicles are clogged, your lashes will not grow.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, you might want to Google “Microscopic Demodex.” We guarantee you’ll wash your lashes half-way through your search.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Lash growth has a lot to do with your lifestyle – i.e. your diet, stress level, the supplements you take, etc. As you probably know, human hair is made from Keratin. Keratin is a protein that is effected by diet and stress.

Your hair is essentially an extension of your body and an overall reflection of your health. Stress can lead to thinning hair.

Eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference when it comes to eyelash growth.

Do Not Come to an Appointment Wearing Mascara

Coming to a lash appointment with mascara on your eyelashes is just as annoying as going to the dentist without brushing your teeth. If you arrive to a lash appointment with mascara on, your lash artist is will have to clean them, which of course, will take time.

It’s best to come to a lash appointment makeup-free.

We’re Not Made of Magic

Maybe you’re dying to have J.Lo’s eyelashes (who isn’t), but if you don’t have a strong, healthy foundation it might be impossible to get the exact look you want. But, we can give you the best lash look suited for you.

Eye Design Design offers clients four eyelash extensions options with more than 10 different design effects, including Cat Eye, Doll, Squirrel, Natural, and Red Carpet Ready, also known as the Kim’s Effect.

Maintenance is Key

If you want your lashes to last (i.e. remain full and luscious) you must maintain them regularly. You should also be scheduling a filling every three to four weeks. Natural lashes shed as they grow, therefore, you’ll need to schedule regular touch-ups if you want to have the “brand new set” look.


I Wear Glasses, Can I still Get Lash Extensions?

One of the biggest problems women have when wearing glasses is having their mascara rub off onto the lenses. This inconvenience, however, is one reason why lash extensions are actually a great idea for all you bifocal-wearing babes.

Instead of applying (and re-applying) a ridiculous amount of mascara in the morning, only to deal with unwanted smudges for the rest of the day, you should invest in one beautiful set of lash extensions.

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Lash Extension Myths You Should Definitely Ignore

Every beauty trend has a myth or nasty rumor following it around and eyelash extensions are no exception. Unfortunately, there’s quite a few myths about eyelash extensions floating around the web, from the belief that your natural lashes will fall out only to never grow back again to it being a painful, painstaking long process.

As your trusted brow/eyelash studio, we want to point out the myths and clear up the confusion – here’s three common eyelash extension myths debunked.

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The Benefits of Microblading

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably already know what microblading is. But, just in case, here’s a quick refresher.

Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigments in the epidermis. These pigments are placed meticulously in individual hair-like strokes with a microblading pen to create the look of natural, fuller brows.

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